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Alexandr Pen´kov > - by Name > Alexandr Pen´kov  |  Print  |  E-mail a friend
Alexandr Pen’kov was born in Omsk, Russia in 1981. He studied in Omsk State University at first mathematics and after couple years he diverted to psychology faculty.
Alexandr smokes pipes for nearly 11 years. On different stages of his life he was fond of pipes of different pipe makers such as Florov, Japanese and Danish pipe makers. He is rather inspired by Toku’s freethinking, elegance of Ilsted lines, Eltang’s and Former’s classical shapes and DOC’s painstaking and diligence.
His first pipe Alexandr made in 2005. That was pure experiment, he used birch burl and mouthpiece from another pipe. Making pipe was so exiting, that he resumed his experiments with different materials (even clay) and pipe making became his favorite hobby.
With the time, Alexandr considerably increased his knowledge, pipe making skills and necessary equipment. Initially, making pipes from any available materials, he improved his technics and switched to make briar pipes. His hobby turned to passion and art, allowing him to relax after his job. Fortunately it happened, as Alexandr’s art is finally available for us. Alexandr is considering becoming a full time pipe maker.
As you can see, Alexandr, working on shape, is paying special attention to its logic, proportions, utility and convenience in use. In his work Alexandr use best Italian briar, German and Japanese ebonite as well as some special and, sometimes, exotic materials.

Blast Calabash
Blast Calabash
USD 1.195,00 (EUR 1.021,37)
  Double Calabash
Double Calabash
USD 1.095,00 (EUR 935,90)
  Double Calabash
Double Calabash
USD 1.095,00 (EUR 935,90)
Bamboo Calabash
Bamboo Calabash
This pipe is sold
  Buddha Apple
Buddha Apple
This pipe is sold
  Blast Calabash
Blast Calabash
This pipe is sold
Buddha Tomato
Buddha Tomato
This pipe is sold
  Double Calabash
Double Calabash
This pipe is sold
  Double Calabash
Double Calabash
This pipe is sold
Double Calabash
Double Calabash
This pipe is sold
  Double Morta Calabash
Double Morta Calabash
This pipe is sold
  Strawberry Calabash
Strawberry Calabash
This pipe is sold
Rustic Billiard
Rustic Billiard
This pipe is sold

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